Tailored private French lessons in Paris
I love french in Paris - Tailored private French lessons in Paris


To give your child the opportunity to learn a foreign language is one of the greatest gift you can give. Learning French opens the door to the world and will allow your child to experience a new culture, to meet others and effortlessly assimilate a foreign language at a young age.

This lesson is aimed at children who do not speak French but also children who already have knowledge of French and want to progress. Your child will learn French naturally very quickly. He will quickly recognize keywords and use French everyday expressions to speak.

The lessons take place in a friendly and fun atmosphere. Your child will learn through games, songs, activities designed specifically for his age. Everything is done to develop his confidence and encourage him to speak.

Lesson are held at the child’s home, in his own environment so that he can best develop his confidence and abilities. If the parents wish, I can also offer outdoor fun and cultural activities appropriate to the age of your child.